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A date (d8) with Kate (k8) can be abbreviated as k8d8. A double date involving two Kates can also be called a 2k8d8.
Person 1: What are you up to tonight?
Person 2: k8d8. You?
Person 1: Nice. Also k8d8!

Kate: Do you want to go out?
Person: Yes. Is it a k8d8?
Kate: A k8d8 it is!
by index.html May 28, 2018

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The policy and practice of discriminating against people living in undesirable apartments aand/or neighborhoods.
Me: I always planned to drop Alexandra.

You: Why? She wasn't so ugly.

Me: She lives in Baltimore. I want to date someone in DC.

You: dude - that's apartmentheid!
by jamejamejame April 26, 2017

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Sharing juuls with each other
“Do u want to date me”?

“Idk, how many juuls do you have”?
by Jasonkito May 16, 2018

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A relationship between a beautiful person and an asshole.
Sam and Ollie's relationship is like a flamingo and a dingo.
via giphy
by zizzlezazzle August 11, 2018

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The act of two persons continuously leaving articles of clothing, jewelry or other personal items at the other person's residence, with the intention of collecting the item or asking for the items return in order to see that person again.
We've been seeing each other often as there is an intense game of clothing tennis taking place
by RandomPostingGuyZA March 15, 2019

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A dating tactic where you show up at the house of your interest unannounced. The opposite of "ghosting". First appeared in Season One episode six of Single Parents.
"Dude, just mailman her".
by Danryan November 14, 2018

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When you meet a person of the same sex from the internet and it turns out they want to have sex with you
Man I got dogfished by my world of Warcraft buddy
by CHUBZ September 28, 2018

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