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A gay ass nigga who will rape you in ikea
That danny guy is so gay
by Danny's gay April 19, 2018

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No ones dick can get any bigger than this honestly! A romantic Greek god in the morning and a sex god at night. He will pleasure all your holes with the size of his penis. His hands will drive you crazy, until the point were it looks like an exorcism! His flawless skin complexion and his godly looks and physique will leave any girl rendered speechless. Any girl with a friend named Daniy, should get in before its too late ;)
I need a Daniy in my life so he can fulfil my dreams.
by Daniy May 30, 2018

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A pussy who lives a sad life and is a bitch to all people in the world he is a selfish fuck up
You fucking Danny
by AsianFuckingMrChang May 07, 2018

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