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The perfect guy. He is smart and funny. And he has dark eyes that one look will make you fall in love. He is a quirky awkward guy but if you get to know him he's an amazing person you will never want to leave you weather friends or dating he will always treat you with respect and will always be kind to you because that is just Daniel. He doesn't have the heart to be rude to someone.
Friend: Isn't Daniel so nice!

Other friend: I know right!
by _.they._.call._.me._.alex._ September 17, 2017

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The kind of person with nothing better to do. You can find him at his desk playing video games or arguing over the smallest things on 4chan or reddit.
Anonymous: what does /v/ think of battlefront 2?
Daniel: are you actually retarded?
Anonymous: what's wrong with it?
Daniel: lootboxes, paying for main characters, $60 price tag not even full game, everything you have to pay for, EA turning battlefront to shit.

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Any lucky guy named Daniel has a pick up line in their name itself.
"My real name is Aniel. But you'll get the D later"
"Oh my , here have my number"
by Overandyonder October 22, 2017

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A dumb bitch
Daniel is a dumb bitch
by trendy123 August 21, 2018

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Daniels are strong, kind & silly boys. He can sometimes be cringe but he is so adorable. Everyday you realise that you just want to be with him more. All girls are attracted to him. You haven’t lived without a Daniel in your life. He’s the sweet.
Person 1: I have the best boyfriend
Person 2: who’s that then
Person 1: Daniel
Person 2: He must be the best
by Maidmoos March 12, 2019

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A frost like yeti or someone who has a name that starts with “D” manly the name Daniel.
#TheSnowDemon #Daniel #yeti #frost #D #The Snow Demon
by JackWinston February 05, 2019

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Daniel is literally the best friend anybody could ever have. Besides the fact that he can totally ROCK white vans, he’s the funniest, sweetest person you will ever meet. Daniel is very caring and great at giving advice. He doesn’t mind putting himself in harms way just to protect someone he cares about. Daniels usually have blond hair and are overall pretty trendy. Daniel enjoy skateboarding as well as anything that gets your adrenaline going. If you ever find a best friend like Daniel, he’ll be like a brother to you and you can ALWAYS trust him
Daniel is the best friend anybody could ever ask for.
by Dictiondot January 21, 2019

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