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Battement Fondu is a classical ballet term meaning “battement sinking down.” During a battement fondu, a dancer’s supporting leg is slowly bent in fondu with the working foot pointing on the ankle. As the dancer’s supporting leg straightens, the working leg also extends to a straight position in the air or with the toes on the floor.
battement fondu is an dance definition
by batman awesome November 14, 2017

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The act of dancing while sitting on a bed. While the upper part of the body moves to the music the lower part bounces on the bed to the beat.
Did you see that guy bedbopping on cam?
by big phat phart October 18, 2016

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When your receiving a lap dance from one persons or two , and they release bodily fluid on your legs. Typically common in places like concerts, strip clubs, and house party's.
Dude, last night with Jessica she made a lap error!
by Indianshreker September 16, 2017

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Something white people cant do
Wow that guy can dance, you can tell he’s black
via giphy
by BILLYBAND$ July 09, 2018

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shake ur arms side to side. left to right
say "snickersnoof" while doing the dance and repeat
by sjc123321 May 15, 2018

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A dance performed by drake now an international meme
He was dancing the hotline bling
by XxCrazyCrustyxX March 27, 2018

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