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the most handsome man you will ever meet, hes very kind and he is so funny you will probably die of laughter
by IMINTHEPHANDOM April 09, 2017

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Dan and Phil. Two youtubers that that work together to make videos seen by the internet. A popular video is “Hello Internet” by Daniel Howell.
Did you see those duck butt log munchers new video?
by Gary35Martinel April 22, 2018

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its when you hit the finest dab of 2069 in donald trumps office.
When you drop the most fire mix-tape in the world of memes that is dab worthy
yo bro i "yeet to that"
by yeet dog act November 23, 2016

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someone you have sex dreams about when you're supposed to hate their guts because they are the scum of the earth and cheat on your best friends.
me: oh look there's Dan, wow what a whore!

my brain, when I am asleep : I want to have sex with him.
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by therathoe May 06, 2019

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