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A mini dab done with the thumb and index finger. Done when a dab is not appropriate or sufficient. Multiple dibs consecutively are not only permitted but encouraged.
Adam dabbed the other day and dislocated his shoulder, so now he does a dib for the sake of safety.

"dib dib dib"
by dibdibdib February 19, 2018

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when the moment is perfect to be dabbed too.
"I aced my alebra exan"
"Wow that was such a dabable moment.
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by kmsashh November 27, 2016

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A party activity in which one, in quick succession: places dip under their lip, pulls heavily on a vape and/or cigarette, does a dab of marajuana, then takes a shot of alcohol.
That quaddab was huge that John just did!
by Spookydabland November 02, 2016

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A true legend that can truly 720 instaswap without making any mistake. A true legend that can dab better than any man. This true legend is the one, the only, Ro9
I wish I could dab like Ro9

My 720 instaswaps are gay, unlike Ro9's
by Anent Shah April 26, 2017

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not realistic : inappropriate to reality or fact
Me: okay Siri, name me something that is unrealistic
Siri: matt and annie’s Relationship
by Ultimate luck May 05, 2018

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A dab by a white boy that looks flappy and white boy generic.
Yo, look at that flappy dab!
by UVX Vagina September 07, 2017

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Being able to dab both left and right
Person 1: hey do you dab left or right
Person 2: I do both I'm ambidabtrous
by ConstantCanadian May 06, 2018

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