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Sweetest girl, feisty yet subtle. She gives good hugs and is lowkey a freak. She'll do anything to protect the people she loves
Lets go hang out with Mimi
by RealMuthaFvkinG's April 09, 2017

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A kind African American girl who loves her culture. Beautiful inside and out. Makes everyone laugh and puts a smile on anyone's face. Can get aggressive and annoying most times, but it's just her being joyful and happy to be around you.
I love to be around Sunaa
Sunaa is so fun to be with
I love Sunaa
by clikclacktofive April 08, 2017

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very very cute
that picture you posted was vvc
by Bestdefinition January 16, 2017

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They think you’re attractive or have a really nice, funny personality.
“I think ur cute...”, “aww thanks!”
by Curlyfriesarestrange March 03, 2018

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A Roloxian is a kind hearted person with a beautiful soul. They are very energetic and cute.
Awe, he’s so cute. He must be a Roloxian
via giphy
by aubsurfavyo June 02, 2018

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Such a sweet guy, loving and sometimes his ego is beyond of control.
Muiz halim
by Wawwaw December 29, 2017

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Fabian is a hot af boy with medium length hair and a smile that could make your head spin. He's vv tall but thats okay bc everyone likes the tall boys. Everything about Fabian is hot to the point where it is actually overwhelming. His lip bites are enough to make anyone weak in the knees. Not only is he super duper hot, Fabian is also super duper adorable!! He honestly can jump from summers in Texas hot to soft plush dinosaurs cute in a nanosecond. Get you a Fabian bc he's very very great and he deserves all the happiness in the world!!
Harry styles who!?!??! I only know Fabian.
by birthdaygirl August 13, 2018

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