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An Indian that eats curry and has a pet goat named Jimmy.
Krish's house smells like curry!
by Jimmy the Goat April 25, 2017

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When your shirt smells like curry.
Man 1: Why does it smell like curry?
Man 2: Man, your shirt is jagmandeeped
by MohammadThePussySlayer December 13, 2017

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hes a small indian curry muncher and loves to play fortnite but he is only good because he plays on the indian servers also known as the curry server
Arnav and curry and t-series
by ArnolArnold September 24, 2018

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Is a wannabe chef, wife to Stephen Curry, and mother their kids. She has no real job listed but is getting a cooking show within just being Stephen Curry's wife so she gets that handed to her. She starts up a lot of controversy between all the non nba and nba fans.
I thought that Ayesha Curry was a chef until on Chopped it just said food blogger
by Truthspeakernotahater July 12, 2016

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I had some azid last night. It was simply wonderful.
by Put you are Name here August 27, 2018

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A euphemism commonly used in the gay community for an orgy
Person one: Did you hear that jack and the boys went for a curry over the weekend
by Stevefow March 03, 2018

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