A bitch who has to be on every social media platform ever known to man, because she thinks everyone loves her or must love her. Always claiming to be an alpha and a storyteller, but in reality she's just a pathological liar and piece of shit to anyone who can't offer her any more supply. Always taking ugly selfies because they think they look fabulous when they're self absorbed.
Person one: After Tammy got defeated by someone she tried to make inferior, she was offline all her bullshit social media for two weeks. It was nice without all those ugly selfies.

Person two: Wow what a cunt.
by Alpha Mermaid Warrior December 12, 2017

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a fucking cunt bag
omg !! abby nogowski is such a cunt bag
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by michealerin January 07, 2018

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Australian term for “friend”, mostly used with adjectives like “shit” and “sick”. Can also b eased in a traditional Australian greeting.
Friend 1: “G’day cunt, how ya doin’?”
Friend 2: “I’m pretty good cunt, how’re you?”
Friend 1: “Yeah, I’m awrite. Ya see Deakin the their day? Man, he was a shit cunt for the whole day”
Friend 2: “Nah cunt, I thought he was a fucken sick cunt”
by average bogan June 09, 2018

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The act of receiving pussy 24/7
He's a good looking guy, he must be a cunt mill(no homo)
by Tamn April 26, 2017

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Derogatory term for a Gemaholic. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language.
Gemaholic "Larry" is a fucking cunt
by therealone23 February 14, 2017

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Gemma is someone who is unkind, ugly, liar and an attention seeker. Past-times are ruining other people's lives/friendships. Gemma is used often as an insult and people with the name are frowned upon. If you have a Gemma please call for help. Gemma's can be found in a pile of shit.
Ew look there's a Gemma.
Run it's a Gemma!
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by Samethans27 April 07, 2017

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