A name for someone who usually is a tech guy who works at schools and his way of fixing computers is very "gay" he will reset a computer just for a broken keyboard key.
Mr. Harder can you fix my computer? (2 days later...) Okay, I got it fixed. (When you get back on your fixed computer...) He had reset everything, you walk down to call Mr. Harder a fat fucking cunt!
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by BorningBullshit.com February 09, 2017

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Where a cunt joins your team at work and their cuntish attitude and work ethic slowly spreads throughout a team.
"There's been and out break of cuntilitus on my team since that useless cunt joined"
by Commander Harry September 12, 2016

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"That Admirpicard over there is very annoying"
by Aaron5D February 21, 2017

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Rycharn the biggest cunt to ever live
Rycharn is a total cunt
by Regamas January 21, 2017

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the sucketh of the wiener
'give me wiener succ now you whore!!!'
by Seniorchineseman June 15, 2018

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Spastic who doesn't have any friends and gets in load of fight but in reality is an absolute fucking pussy
Kieran hiller is a cunt.
by Someone who hates hiller May 08, 2018

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