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*one of the most offensive English profanities stronger than the F-bomb, which refers to "fuck"
Person 1: "Cunt."
Person 2: "Did you just drop the nuclear C-bomb?"
by LinkGanonSlayer May 08, 2018

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A female who thinks she is a princess but is actually just a cunt!
What a cuntcess she is with her crown on the back of her car.
by JMat1 August 01, 2017

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A cunt
You're just like Liam Nash
by Ventii February 12, 2018

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a fucking cunt bag
omg !! abby nogowski is such a cunt bag
via giphy
by michealerin January 07, 2018

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It’s the disease when you feel like a cunt
Doctor- I’m sorry sir, You have cuntopatromis.

by ~<>~ December 13, 2017

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Tommaso is the biggest cunt you will ever meat. He is a blonde chach, he is not a ladies men but thinks he is. Tommaso will do anything for money, he is a manipulative, selfish cunt.
Tommaso:'Buy me a choky or I will kill you'
by aiusdhnsqékdna March 06, 2018

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You coz ur looking up the fucking word u spastic!
Ur a fucking cunt piss off you little dick
Little mongolitus
by The_guy_g4m3s March 21, 2017

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