Top Definition
a person who dont care about anything or anyone or even him self and loves to cause trouble and misery to everyone on the planet
a person who farts in a room full of people and dont care how bad it smells and owns up to it laughing there head off
look at that person over there hes drunk causing trouble hes A RIGHT CUNT!!!!
that person over there has just bin to the toilet and had a smelly shit and not flushed he A RIGHT CUNT
by elzz March 20, 2017
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A person that you hate the most (MY DEFINITION)
by CuntyBurrito January 23, 2017
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An alternate way to pronounce the word "cunt" in order to avoid offending overly sensitive people.
That chick's friend is a real Suent. She cockblocked the fuck out of me.
by AFman83 September 22, 2016
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A bitch who has to be on every social media platform ever known to man, because she thinks everyone loves her or must love her. Always claiming to be an alpha and a storyteller, but in reality she's just a pathological liar and piece of shit to anyone who can't offer her any more supply. Always taking ugly selfies because they think they look fabulous when they're self absorbed.
Person one: After Tammy got defeated by someone she tried to make inferior, she was offline all her bullshit social media for two weeks. It was nice without all those ugly selfies.

Person two: Wow what a cunt.
by Alpha Mermaid Warrior December 12, 2017
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For faggots that think they're in people groups when in reality they don't even exist
oh shit I just dropped all my Elle's. Guess I'll have to buy more at the pawn shop
by Mrcampbell27 June 16, 2017
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You coz ur looking up the fucking word u spastic!
Ur a fucking cunt piss off you little dick
Little mongolitus
by The_guy_g4m3s March 21, 2017
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It’s the disease when you feel like a cunt
Doctor- I’m sorry sir, You have cuntopatromis.

by ~<>~ December 13, 2017
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