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Something a cunt says to justify cunty behavior.
John: "I fucked your girl."
Dill: "What the Fuck?"
John: "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game."
by Santa's Brother May 03, 2018

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Deuxy is an Australian thicc Cunt. He will roast the fuck out of you if you say some fucked up Shit, try to roast him or if you have a distinctive feature that he doesn't like. He says Cunt a lot and you should be envious of him as he is now automatically your Dad. His favourite nickname; "Aussie Cunt"
Person:"What server does JMWfilms play on?"
Deuxy: "Cunt, do you not read the pinned messages or other servers you fucking dumb cunt. Fuck outta here with your bullshit cunt"

"Cunt I will fuck your mothers cat"
"Cunt I will skin you alive"
"Cunt I will turn your Anal cavity into a pair of shoes"
via giphy
by Deuxy October 01, 2017

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A polite way to call someone or something a cunt
Dad! Grandad has died , old cant .
by Real cant fibre 11 June 01, 2018

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A guy who makes fun of short hot indian girls and jews
Fino is gay as fuckkkkk.
by Lil CHerbz boi July 15, 2018

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Evan... is a cunt, legit only wants attention from everyone all the time.
And looks like a bobble head,
plus fat as a cow/and tries to always be the best.
Girl 1: That guy is a cunt.
Girl 2: Must be Evan
by Evan is a cunt June 17, 2018

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An extremely dumb yet ridiculously funny girl. She will never get over the fact she has a Caucasian name that is spelled wrong. She's such a fan girl but not even lity. Like...WTF? STOP BEING SUCH A BRAYDN!
"She's not a Jimena"
"She's a Braydn
by 1forest1!A1 May 19, 2017

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He’s a cunt
Wow Adam is such a cunt
by Markilicious May 14, 2018

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