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When you jerk off in your bathtub multiple times causing a wonderful tub of old cum to develop over time.
You should come see my White Bay, it's pretty grand!
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by TheREALRasputin January 31, 2017

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When a dude jerks off and rubs out his nut creme with one hand and and busts his hot load in the other hand which is held in a cup like shape.

What is done with the nut creme thereafter is purely and individual preference.

For example, one might enjoy eating their own nut. One might enjoy slapping their girl across the face with their creme cup. Or it may simply facilitate a quick jerk and easy clean up. The possibilities are endless.
Rachel wouldn’t give up the pussy last night so did a little creme cup and well.....she had to go wash her chin off when I was done.

Tony was so horny at work from doing nothing but watching internet porn he did a creme cup right at his desk.

My roommate is a sick fucker. He eats his own creme cups. I know. I watch him do it every night. Really? And he’s the sick fucker?
by Ben Dribblin February 15, 2018

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When he put whip on the cocoa if you know what I mean;)

Party on top basically refers to cumming on top of your special someone or any hoe if you’d prefer.
I heard things escalated pretty quickly last night between Chris and Chad he said there was definently a party on top ... multiple parties ... Damn
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by Creature of wonder and mystery November 10, 2017

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The act of saving your jizz in a container for a month then taking a container of coffee creamer and pouring your dated jizz into said creamer so the next person in your house to drink coffee with creamer will also get a mouth full of cum.
I gave my girl some cum creamer in her coffee.
by CumCreamer December 22, 2016

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A game where you are jerking off and you yell "Mom Come Quick". The objective of the game is to nut before your mom enters the room.
Yeah man!! I has playing Mom Come Quick all night yesterday.
by DickSplash191 September 25, 2017

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"A word that means cum ,or semen . Sputnik was a Soviet satellite that came out of the "rocket" on October 4, 1957, 7:28 PM and this feat encouraged the U.S. to build a rocket as well starting the "space race". On January 31, 1958, the U.S. launched the Explorer 1 into outer space. Think of Explorer 1 and Sputnik as sperm racing towards the female's egg, therefore space race." - A guy in 805
Example 1
Girl 1: What did you guys do last night
Girl 2: He got all of his sputnik on my face!

Example 2
Man 1: I sputnikked all over her face last night!
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by ahjiba May 27, 2017

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When you have a guy cum into eyes as a form of eye drops:
Honey, my eyes are kind of dry. Can you do that Swedish Eye Drops thing?
by Billcosbyeatme September 16, 2017

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