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When you like someone and he doesn’t even know you exist or doesn’t really care that you exist but you still like him anyway.
He does even like me he’s such a sclip
by Jilly Mcwest December 31, 2018

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Someone You Have Strong Feelings For Even Though There A 0% Chance They'll Like You Back
"Why doesn't my crush like me.?"
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by Sam Smiles May 05, 2017

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A sweet girl who is by your side and will embarrass you especially in front of your crush.
Girl:hey Carrie
Carrie:I told your crush you like him
by Meahlovely95 May 19, 2017

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Handsome from top to bottom, A real name for a man, Is the top on everything, mature, and can make a women satisfied during the day and Night.

very friendly man
happy with and without a reason
I have a crush on Kirubel.
by Urban Collection October 08, 2017

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Someone you like a lot
ME: A crush is someone you like a lot
My Brother: I like Ginger (a cat) a lot
ME: Do you want to see ginger naked?
My Brother: I see him naked every day
by masterracer March 25, 2017

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its a drink
i love crush. it refreshes my chromosomes
by iwant2die February 13, 2017

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A mystery feeling. Someone you admire to the point you can’t handle your emotions. They come and go. It’s not love your looking for, but a sign.
I have a big crush.
by Asexualbro September 09, 2018

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