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When you like someone and he doesn’t even know you exist or doesn’t really care that you exist but you still like him anyway.
He does even like me he’s such a sclip
by Jilly Mcwest December 31, 2018

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When a person likes a person, but that person likes someone else, but that someone else likes somebody else, and that somebody else likes the first person. And they are somehow all friends!
I was in a crush square with the person I like and two other people.
by Astr0n0va November 20, 2017

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A very nice person that is kind of stubborn. They hate a lot of people but if she doesn’t hate you then you’re lucky.
Person #1: Hey who were you talking too?
Person #2: Ziqin, I think I like her.
Person #1: Wait, she doesn’t hate you?
Person #2: Yeah I’m so lucky.
by OnlyGenericName May 31, 2019

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Handsome from top to bottom, A real name for a man, Is the top on everything, mature, and can make a women satisfied during the day and Night.

very friendly man
happy with and without a reason
I have a crush on Kirubel.
by Urban Collection October 08, 2017

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A couple that is supposed to together but never does end up being together. One secretly likes the other but doesn't tell anyone. Even though everyone knows
Boy 1 :Lol you two look like a Wilbey
Boy 2: Shut up I don't like her or anything!
by Smartiessss August 23, 2017

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when someone likes a guy named lucas they call him lucasa as a cover name with their friends
friend 1 (sanaa): so hows lucasa
friend 2 (gabriela):he still doesn’t like me :(
by alyssas.defs June 23, 2019

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The Guy I Want But Can’t Get

It’s a crush that’s way out of your league but you just want to be with them
He’s TGIWBCG so I’ll just stop trying.
by Teleah April 06, 2019

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