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Handsome from top to bottom, A real name for a man, Is the top on everything, mature, and can make a women satisfied during the day and Night.

very friendly man
happy with and without a reason
I have a crush on Kirubel.
by Urban Collection October 08, 2017

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A sweet girl who is by your side and will embarrass you especially in front of your crush.
Girl:hey Carrie
Carrie:I told your crush you like him
by Meahlovely95 May 19, 2017

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When a person likes a person, but that person likes someone else, but that someone else likes somebody else, and that somebody else likes the first person. And they are somehow all friends!
I was in a crush square with the person I like and two other people.
by Astr0n0va November 20, 2017

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Someone You Have Strong Feelings For Even Though There A 0% Chance They'll Like You Back
"Why doesn't my crush like me.?"
via giphy
by Sam Smiles May 05, 2017

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Someone you like a lot
ME: A crush is someone you like a lot
My Brother: I like Ginger (a cat) a lot
ME: Do you want to see ginger naked?
My Brother: I see him naked every day
by masterracer March 25, 2017

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its a drink
i love crush. it refreshes my chromosomes
by iwant2die February 13, 2017

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A couple that is supposed to together but never does end up being together. One secretly likes the other but doesn't tell anyone. Even though everyone knows
Boy 1 :Lol you two look like a Wilbey
Boy 2: Shut up I don't like her or anything!
by Smartiessss August 23, 2017

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