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Abbreviation for Did I Just Go There.... the "AL" (Well thats the up for discussion and creativeness from the user) This is a term used for the out of the box, creative minds who aren't afraid to push the boundaries in everything they do. People who come up with crazy ideas always > Go there!

Dijgtal is the community of Digital disruption! Are you in?

"I'm going to build an exclusive dealership on the moon that sells customised rocket ships....Daaaaaaam "DID I JUST GO THERE"

We are Dijgtal
by DIJGT.AL January 27, 2018

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Not a violent person, in fact, he/she is soft hearted, but fights to defend. Peaceful and hates getting angry. He/she has more than 3 talents and like to try out things, daring or not. He/she falls in love slowly and dearly but hard. Their thoughts are really extraordinary and are good guessers by luck.
I so need to get myself hobbies.

Its about time you ask Wendelinus.
by 5703-+ March 27, 2019

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Darrci is a creative and sensitive woman who has had a lot of life experience. She knows what’s best for her loved ones and may not seem like the brightest person, but she loves to learn, and she loves teaching.
Darrci was so sweet to me
by Popsicle69 January 16, 2018

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