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What happens when he “forgot to pull out.”
I gave her (or him) a soupy gooch last night.
by TannerTheAlphaGay February 01, 2019

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When you bust a nut in 20 different directions and it makes a hard clean up.
Fred did you just shotgun nut because now I think I'm pregnant.
by Buckaroo728 November 03, 2018

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Derived from "cream of the crop", meaning that the subject of this word is one of high quality.
Person 1: Dude I can't believe you got an A in physics! So cream man.
by Creamcrop October 14, 2018

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Taking the cream is when you get the easy part of the job!
I'm taking the cream today not Dave Reece
by pseudokaka November 01, 2017

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