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She is very pretty darkskin have faith she's in a realtionship she's trustworthy she speaks whats lm her mind she have a very nasty attutide shes loyal everybody would like somebody like Ameria
Love everybody love ameria
by Phil Robertson December 26, 2016

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Esra is crazy and loves drinking coffee from different stores, which makes her a coffee hoe
Esra is crazy man
via giphy
by AJMSKSJEJ IS 29938383 September 06, 2017

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Shayliegh is a kind girl how always is there for her friends. Can be very crazy and determined at times but is a great friend for all including her ex's. if someone bully's or being mean to one of her friends you will deal with her fist so don't try.
There goes Shayliegh
by Sydney London April 06, 2017

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Very Skinny and Crazy. Has Braces and acts like a crazy boy. Twerks with his back and acts a fool 24/7. Always tryna fight someone when he knows he can't beat them.
That boy is definitely a Haleem look at the way he's acting.
by SMARTGIRLY675 September 23, 2018

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Abbreviated for "Bitch You Crazy"
"Byc You thought I was going out with him"
by Sweetie Atheart22 December 15, 2016

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To be crazy or out of control at a special event or party.
I was alooge at the birthday party for Sarah's cousin.
by Angelica__Angel September 02, 2018

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a little crazy
dam i think hes going ect
by word of the year November 15, 2017

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