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A member of the scp foundation who has an entire rule book on what he can't do
Fuck tress I climb clouds motherfucker- Dr Bright
by Link_fd June 24, 2017

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She is very pretty darkskin have faith she's in a realtionship she's trustworthy she speaks whats lm her mind she have a very nasty attutide shes loyal everybody would like somebody like Ameria
Love everybody love ameria
by Phil Robertson December 26, 2016

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Stands for “Driving Me Fucking Crazy”
“ I told that guy I wasn’t interested in home but he keeps calling me and it DMFC”
by E beats July 12, 2018

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Dontavia is a fine,sexy person who has a lot of emotions so do play with ha she can be crazy she has a beautiful smile with a good personality and also freaky
Damn boy one got u a good one don’t brake ha heart she crazy that’s a Dontavia
by Anttanisha April 13, 2019

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A crazy woman from Kosovo
Don't be such a Arbana
by Googieks May 18, 2019

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Rock$tar Try hard , just don't give a fuck ,crazy,hot head
Aye you heard what vusor did he crazy
by Rock$tar July 25, 2017

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Goin crazy
Boy: yo wtf B I'll beat you ass bruh not even kappin'

Boy's freind: yo chill you spazin'
by Youngdjjay March 29, 2017

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