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A member of the scp foundation who has an entire rule book on what he can't do
Fuck tress I climb clouds motherfucker- Dr Bright
by Link_fd June 24, 2017

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Esra is crazy and loves drinking coffee from different stores, which makes her a coffee hoe
Esra is crazy man
via giphy
by AJMSKSJEJ IS 29938383 September 06, 2017

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Like to play a lot and laughes at her teachers joke only she can understand likes famous celebrities calls them daddy knows how to act out curses a lot but very nice once you know her
Wow chickamma can be crazy sometimes
by Mr.s boy May 09, 2018

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a weirdo
Boy1: guess who i’m hanging out with today
Boy2: who? adel harsanyova?
Boy1: yeah
Boy2: she’s such a weirdo
by adel harsanyova April 22, 2018

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Rock$tar Try hard , just don't give a fuck ,crazy,hot head
Aye you heard what vusor did he crazy
by Rock$tar July 25, 2017

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Some one who is crazy, but can be sweet sometimes
Why is she so bippenpreet
by Can't tell u sorry April 10, 2017

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A freaky ass girl, cute, funny, fashion, sexy
jamecca is crazy
by jamecca moss March 29, 2017

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