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Yet another, in a seemingly endless list, of over-hyped, toxic investment scams; heralded initially as a technological advancement in currency exchange, but subsequently revealed for the financially devastating dumpster-fire that it is.
Don't invest in craptocurrency AFTER its increased in value by 40,000%. At this point it's too late; you'll lose your ass AND your retirement fund.
by YAWA February 02, 2018

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An Asian way of saying crap. Use Kurappu in cases where the word crap is too short
(You drop something) Ayee! Kurappu!!!!
by UseAsianess101 May 04, 2018

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The other way to say sh*t and sound like a total grandpa at the same time
“Shnikeis” said John out loud after he spilt his coffee
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by FlapJackRC February 07, 2018

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Similar to capillary action, this is the process that allows the brown liquid from a baby's full pant load to creep up the narrow gap between their diaper and back rolls. This can happen without a gravity assist - often the crap juice will travel in ways that seem to defy conventional physics.
As I put my hand behind baby to get him/her/it out of the crib, I got a handful of soggy onesie. CRAPILLARY ACTION!!!
by SICST9 January 28, 2018

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A completely random person crapping in a porta-potty.
I saw a shady person's crap last night.
by Dood Veed April 10, 2017

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a suck fest of a school where the teachers are mean, the kids are stupid, and whoever was responsible for the construction must have been high at the time.
Hillary Duff: hey what school do you go to?
Me: Ugh. Hilda Walker.
Hillary: So sorry for you.
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by Belinda the hoe July 06, 2018

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When you take a crap for longer than 10 minutes on the toilet
I have to take a longcrapper
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by my-peroid-is-near October 12, 2017

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