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Crap mail wuz ere
Yo carpmail you nonce
by MrSweedsaBigger March 10, 2018

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The other way to say sh*t and sound like a total grandpa at the same time
“Shnikeis” said John out loud after he spilt his coffee
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by FlapJackRC February 07, 2018

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A completely random person crapping in a porta-potty.
I saw a shady person's crap last night.
by Dood Veed April 10, 2017

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When you take a crap for longer than 10 minutes on the toilet
I have to take a longcrapper
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by my-peroid-is-near October 12, 2017

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The word arscherve means poop or poo, shit or crap.

Derived from the German 'arsch' and English 'serve'.

Pronounced: 'ar' as in are, 'sch' as in shoe, and 'erve' as in serve.


Arschervy, Arschevinistic

Arschevinistic, Arschevinistically
Example A:
Oh that show was a pile of arscherve.

Example B:
The work on that script was so arschervy. Down right arschevinistic methods.

Example C:
I had never seen such arschevinistic directing in my life before.
Yeah, arschevinistically done alright.
by WSama August 21, 2018

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A classic bitch who knows nothing
jack is crap
by mg classy February 10, 2019

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a crap-head
oh no its mickle
by everybody in Saghalie November 19, 2018

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