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A term that, is not to be mistaken with "nigga", used to "discriminate" people of dark toned skin. This term is generally used to offend a black African American. It is frowned apon by much of Earth's population. On the contrary the term "cracker", used to offend people of a light toned skin, is accepted because OF SHIT OUR OLD ASS ANCESTORS DID. GTFO OF MY FACE WITH THIS SHIT
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by gammaop July 19, 2017
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"the act of a white male pretending to be black "
that cracker is a mother fucking snow chimp
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by henri dufour June 08, 2017
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1. (n) A derogatory term made popular by primarily African-American Internet users in relation to Caucasian, European or otherwise white users. Often used in response to more common racial slurs in flame wars.
Snow chimps live in caves like Neanderthals and love to rape their cousins.
by Gate of Gamers August 07, 2017
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When something is funny, short for that cracked me up (creds to emz rumz and lyd lit)
Cracked at mr Grayson
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by Emzrumz January 17, 2018
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