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Someone who smokes cracks and rents apartments.
Holly is such a disquesting bitch.
by Jpduhh February 04, 2019

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What trashy white people from Boston call crack cocaine.
"call your boy and tell him to bring the socka claba"
by Ant the man420 October 29, 2017

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To smell like your grandma’s crack
That guy has definitely got booty syndrome, he smells like my grandma’s crack
by i love lukenshina November 07, 2017

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When a baby does crack with his penis and dies
I saw my slickcrackbaby with his Wang out doing crack
by RIan steller May 09, 2018

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A crack-cocaine addicted duckling; usually results from a crackhead mother duck.
That poor crackling would only swim in circles, and fly upside down.
by KingjackMehoff September 09, 2018

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