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A country...not a state you retard
Is America a state ?
Nah be it's a country
by Jonnie Cena September 07, 2018

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Nice Asian country but seriously we need more superior high ground
Stanley: so why did you come to Singapore
Patrick: wait this isn't mother russia
by budgetsheep February 15, 2019

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A person from Kentucky who loves the beautiful country and where people from all sorts come together to help people sure we get acused of stuff we don't do and people here love to learn new things and we aren't rude to to new people we actually love new people and one day in Kentucky will change your life forever by all kind natured people and beautiful trees and woods and people have the freedom and support to become anything they want to be and sure there's gonna be mean people here but it's like that everywhere there gonna be hate and rudeness here and theres that everywhere
I love Kentucky everyone I know is so kind, sweet and gentle and a hole lot country fide
by C.B TWINS May 07, 2017

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