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American Southern Slang referring to a woman's anatomy in regards towards poor personal hygiene.

Also reflexive with 'smelly pussy.'

Cooter is a southern slang term for a vagina.

It can also mean a woman who is hot and ready for sex.

Not associated to the Cooter Turtle.
Example 1: That girl in the Daisy Dukes over by the bar has a Stinky Cooter. I can smell that damn thing from here.

Example 2: Girl, I know you are not going out tonight with a Stinky Cooter.

Example 3: Things got weird when my new girlfriend got Stinky Cooter. She damn near skinned my back she was so horny trying to get my cloths off of me.

Example 4: Don't tell me y'alls got a stinky cooter for that dude over there? Girl, what is wrong with you?
by Fractious1 May 24, 2018

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