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Black ass nigger you beat the shit out of every day.
A billy did you see a coon today ''fuck yeah I did johnny '' lit get that some some of bitch.
by BIG black EVIL BILLY RWBY October 19, 2017

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Mekhi Shylo
Anything He Does Is Coon
by Mr2020 September 12, 2017

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A person of european decent (Perticularly American or British), who tries to "Act black" by dressing and/or talking like stereotypical African-american.

Pronounciation: Nuke,Nook

Origin:Fort Worth,Texas. April 10,2017
Stop trying to act black,you nooc.
by Boi Boison April 19, 2017

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Black and Useless Coon
White Man: Take this box to your mommas house.
Nigga: No you Hoe
by Trump's America February 13, 2017

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1. A Black person who recognizes and identifies with Blackness, claims to be "woke" as evidenced by the support of Black-owned businesses and banks yet supports and defends all actions by the likes of Trump.

2. A Black person who unapologetically spends free time publicly disparaging Black people, with a specific focus on leaders with a proven history of positive work within the Black community under the guise of creating a dialogue intended for problem-solving. Unlike a traditional coon, the inverse coon claims to love Black people but fails to recognize the hurtful impact of his words and ways.

3. A lost soul.

Synonym: Inamik - /in-ah-mick/
Kimani raised eyebrows as he entered One United Bank to make a deposit while wearing his Make America Great Again t-shirt. As he walked out, the teller shook her head mumbling "inverse coon".
by BKkedani July 11, 2017

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A cheeki fookin coon
"He just told me to shove a massive Bambi splinter in my urethra, fucking Garretts"
by A Fucking Cunt December 09, 2016

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A racist redneck that's old and rusty; plus thinks he or she can dance.
" oh hey, amanda did you see that Cracol hanging out at a bar?" Said Noah
" Hell yeah for sure bruh, they was on some other shits" she replied
by Blanktolerance May 26, 2018

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