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A very handsome clout god
Did you see that hot piece of ass, james marriott
by God amongst shrimpkind January 05, 2019

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A amazingly perfect creature
Person: WOw its a dog
Other person: BOw to the dog
Peron thats eavsdropping: OMG ALL HAIL THE DOG GOD
by MLB lover 2020 February 28, 2019

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Someone who is unusually cool and very confident as well as smart.
Man, that guy is cool and all but he is no Corel.
by Cooldudegr8 December 28, 2016

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she is nice and coll and really lit tand fun
brisdom is litt
by bishwerk June 18, 2018

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A sweet but senstive person that's athletic and he's attractive

When you lock eyes with him
Wow he's so sweet!!that Roman maggio.
by Someonegjfghffhrfd March 26, 2017

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the sound you make when you #### someone
did you uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh last night? thats cool
by i love lukenshina November 06, 2017

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Chill; anyone can get along with this type of person
Dyson is a cool body, you never see him in any drama with anyone.
by Prepossessing November 06, 2018

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