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Someone who is unusually cool and very confident as well as smart.
Man, that guy is cool and all but he is no Corel.
by Cooldudegr8 December 28, 2016

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A really cool guy who is good at everything
Wow look at that kid I bet his name is Davontre
by TotallyNotDavontre January 30, 2018

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Yue Jun is usually a guy's name. He's usually smart but can be dumb at times. He's usually pretty good in mathematics and science. If you ever met or encountered a guy named Yue Jun, well you're pretty lucky as he is a very funny guy. He can joke with you for hours and hours and also cheer you up if you're sad. However, he can be negative at times. He can be negative to the extend of saying many vulgarities at once. Trust me, you do not want to hear that from him. Overall, he's a pretty cool and lit guy to hangout with.
Person 1: Yo dude, this Yue Jun guy is sick!

Person 2: Hell yeah dawg!

Yue Jun: Thanks guys
by sick sick December 09, 2018

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Italian and simply the best. :D
Oi, mate
That's a Parenti.

Oh, mate
How cool.

Oi mate...


Why do we have this accent

i just like saying "oi mate".

by PPPPPteradactyle April 02, 2018

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smart cute funny gets girls big penis
kaloni a really cool person
by kaloni October 05, 2017

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the sound you make when you #### someone
did you uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh last night? thats cool
by i love lukenshina November 06, 2017

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She's fine as hell and sweet. She is caring and loyal. And she is annoying
Who's that? That's elvia imhof!
by Yelllurs March 01, 2018

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