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Awesome, smart, average is 96 and above, loves rubiks cubes, and that's pretty much it
Parthiv, you got a hundred again.
by Dydjvjfidjcj28485 November 17, 2016
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A Nice, smart, funny girl. She's the best friend anyone can ask for. Jessica doesn't like showing off and is not like normal girls. She doesn't care about boys and drama but just about her friends and family. Usually has good comebacks so don't fuck with Jessica if you see one.
"Jessica plays hard to get"
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by Mackbrun3 January 01, 2018
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Daimarion is a good friend to have around it
Daimarion is perfect friend
by miosksks November 13, 2017
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Cherifa is a really cool, always sarcastic and very caring person. You can always have fun with her and you can also always count on her, when you need help or anything else. Cherifa doesn't have any bad characteristics, besides of always being too late. She is very lazy, but she doesn't find that a bad thing. She likes being lazy, sleeping, eating and watching TV shows or YouTube all day long.
Why would you like to be an individual person, when you can be like Cherifa?
by Cherifaa October 30, 2017
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A really big fishing lure or a really big dick
Girl:lemme see your super spook.

Guy:ok let's go f***ing
by 123boss June 14, 2017
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An odd disease/medical condition when somebody cannot stop watching Bob's Burgers.
I had Bob's Burgers addiction, but now I'm 2 years sober.
by pill cosby January 09, 2017
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Valur - an Icelandic name

Valurs are dorky and funny, shy and the greatest entertainers. They are also walking encyclopedias, and can name any fact at any time.
Bob: Who's that stupid kid over there?
Jess: Oh, that's Valur! He's the best!
by Bettafiend April 17, 2017
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