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Druaga1 is a YouTuber who makes videos about old computers and makes jokes about weed.
His viewers are called smokers.
Hey smokers, Druaga1 here!
by teamesh1 February 26, 2017

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Deep learning is an education technique which is becoming increasingly popular in the recent years.

In deep learning, the teacher collects a huge set of quizzes which are then given to the students to solve. The students get through an enourmous number of questions and through the repetitive process, the students learn to solve the quizzes.

One method of deep learning is done with a teacher. The teacher grades each quiz that a student does. The students improve their ability through redoing quizzes they have failed to do well in. This method has seen the most success in classrooms where the quizzes have definite answers such as in biology.

The other type of deep learning is done without a teacher. The teacher doesn’t tell the students what the right answer is, encouraging discussion between the students. This method allows students to learn better in actual exams as they’re more adapted to think and solve unseen quizzes. This is also very cost effective as no teachers are required to be present.

Convolutional deep learning and adversial learning are other common techniques. The convolutional technique convolutes the entire class to join the discussion, allowing rapid learning for difficult quizzes. Adversial learning lets a pair of students compete against each other. Given a set of quizzes, one student attempts to solve the quiz and the other checks the answer. Points are given when they manage to solve a quiz and correct an answer respectively.
I heard that students who were taught in private schools where they employ deep learning, perform up to 50% better in the workforce.
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by DeepLearner March 03, 2018

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where you sign out and back in instead of restarting the computer as a faster but less effective solution to bugs and whatnot
"i just soft restarted my computer. It fixed the problem I had with Fallout New Vegas"
by mantis_shrimp January 09, 2019

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Word used by programmers when they do not want to explain what they did.
"And so this is the algorithm I used to make Google search..."
by H4k0rz September 21, 2018

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