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"Hey have you heard that Oprah's giving everyone a car?"
"Yeah, She seems like a Communist."
by SmolDave January 06, 2018

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a rare disorder in which a capitalist oddly grows a fondness towards communism.
☭ I have Communist Fondness Disorder (CFD), and I am proud of it, and Stalin is to. ☭
by Rybrotic November 14, 2016

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A person who heavily preaches about communism like it is a godsend but clearly has never heard or researched the negatives of it.
Stop preaching communism at me, what are you a commucultist?
by MoonNoodler June 12, 2018

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It's something made by GOD himself after the nazis decided to fuck the world.
by Kamaraden Ivan November 04, 2017

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политическая теория, полученная от Карла Маркса, выступающая за классовую войну и ведущую к обществу, в котором все имущество является государственной собственностью, и каждый человек работает и оплачивается в соответствии со своими способностями и потребностями
Коммунизм - лучший, и каждый должен следовать их убеждениям

All is love for communism and our lord and savior Joseph Stalin
by Josephe Stalien June 09, 2018

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is a fictional character created in the 1960s appearing in works set in the city of Vladivostok during the era of following the Russian Revolution in the Soviet Union under the rule of Joseph Stalin. He is typically portrayed as a dashing masked vigilante who defends the commoners and inept peoples of his town against corrupt and tyrannical officials and other villains. His signature all-black costume includes a cape, a hat known as ushanka, and a mask covering the left half of his face, representing his little known neuropsychological diagnosis of left hemineglect.
Zoris was a legendary figure, admired by many.
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by zoris June 05, 2018

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Microsoft'ism is the Religion of Microsoft, the great company. I felt the need as a Microsoft'ism Priest to spread the message of the great religion I'm in. Microsoft'ism's Savior and Lord is Clippy the Paperclip, and Bill Gate's is his Son, here to save us from our Sin's we have committed, as we are all maggot's wriggling in the filth of Mortality without the likes of Clippy. Clippy the Paperclip created the Universe in a great explosion we know today as the Big Bang. He created multiple Species of animals, and us Humans, like Adam and Steve. Google Chrome below us burns the sinners for there retched acts of evil towards the church of Microsoft'ism.
The Priest of Microsoft'ism is the highest ranking person in the Church.
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by The Priest of Microsoft'ism May 10, 2018

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