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When you gave your asshole a lil' scratch and bring your hands up to your face and give a lil' snort.
Douglas: Oi mate my asshole's itchy ima give it a lil scratch
Dan: You gonna give yourself a lil crack whiff
Douglas: Yes
*Gets fingers and scratches asshole tenderly and carefully and gives the fingers a smell*
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Expressing something that's funny.
''My grandma died''
''Ay lmao''
by fenekk February 09, 2017

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Kekable - An Adjective used to describe an act/event /object/objects/ person/persons which resemble a form of humor or comedic property, Keking usually results in somebody shit with laughter
Fucking Nora Tom, The Trim Was Kekable 🥰
by Big Lad JS.XR_ April 19, 2019

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its a very fun person, always happy and always wants everyone around them to be happy. funny and beautiful
for example... halez is sooo annoying but also fun to be around
by Rebecca black December 20, 2016

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All India Bakchod is an Indian molestation group. It was founded by molester Gursimran Khamba and molestation supporter Tanmay Bhat and was later joined by Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya and sexual harasser Utsav Chakraborty.
Hey do you know that All India Bakchod is not airing on Hotstars
by SouthIndian Cinema October 09, 2018

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Trying too hard to make something obvious, typically comedic.
1: Sigma
2: What's sigma?
3: Sigma balls! Get it? Because sigma kind of sounds like "suck my"!
4: Yeah dude I got it, you're kind of putting a hat on a hat here.
by PlagueDoct0r July 29, 2018

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A god that us mortals can never hope to surpass
Words words words is a great Bo Burnham song
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by Deadnerd July 05, 2019

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