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The place that will fuck you in the asshole with student debt.
Person 1: Hey Bruh I'm gonna go to College.

Person 2: Have fun getting fucked by student debt!
by Ese Loco Ghost November 14, 2016

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A girl who is Nice, White and Tight. Typically the preferred type of many frat bros and desperate STEM-guys. Have names like Emily, Natalie, Maddi, Kristen, Jessica, Stacy.
Alex Desperate STEM guy: Yo, did you check out those APhis? they're N.W.T!
Chad KA Frat Bro: Yeah, I'll go grind on them at the frat party tonight!
Alex: Sure. I'll just do my homework and help one of them with her programming exercise. Hopefully, she'll date me!
by adistar1 October 06, 2018

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Friends who you only hang out with because they're in your friend group, not because you actually connect with and love them.
Since college started I've really noticed who my true friends are and who my fish bowl friendships were.
by cmuscrewed November 28, 2016

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The art of putting of a task until the last possible moment, or just not doing it at all.
In college, procrastination is such a big problem we have a motto. "If tomorrow isn't the due date, today isn't the do date!".
by Nitro984 November 17, 2016

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(1)A person who you buys alcohol or who will buy you alcohol while you were or are a teenager
(2) A fellow college student who always brings the jugs at parties so you can chug down as much alcohol as you want
Weed dealer glass plug
Beer dealer jug plug
by EmJayee February 07, 2019

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Columbia-Greene Community College, located in Hudson, New York. Although it should be more like Greene Community College because 90% of the students attending live in Greene county. The classes are ridiculously easy and the college is smaller then most high schools. Anyone who gets less then a 4.0 probably doesn’t show up. Also known as the “Harvard on the Hudson”. Often hated on by students from HVCC and other 4 year schools because it’s small yet many transfer here after flunking out of said schools. Most students who attend either transfer to UAlbany or SUNY New Paltz or drop out because they don’t show up.
I didn’t have the grades to get into New Paltz, so I’ll go to Columbia-Greene for 2 years and then transfer.
by iwent2college June 28, 2018

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