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bro you want a line of coke?
Oh you mean that rockstar stuff?
by Obeythesenuts864 October 03, 2017

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When someone is extremely optimistic while on cocaine and says things or makes promises that they don't follow through with
Person on cocaine: "I really think I'm going to start eating healthy and working out again!"
Sober person: "oh, that's just coke talk."
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by Boxdog January 18, 2018

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sprinkle cocaine on weed and then smoke it
Me and Dom finna go smoking a Jeffery at the park.
by milfyassssssssssssssss December 31, 2017

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Someone who has indulged in the white stuff a little too heavily over the years and it's beginning to show.
Your friend Trev is weird.

He's cool but a bit of a coke casualty.

Yeah, his speech is all screwed up.
by Shuaman November 04, 2016

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