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A friend who reduces the amount of sex you have
P. 1: "I've never really talked to Joe. What's he like?"
P. 2: "He's really annoying to get drunk with 'cause he's a friend with deficits"
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by Finnagin Frost January 13, 2017

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The act of enabling people to screw.

Opposite of cockblock.
β€œHe’s such a cockpermit β€” he turned on sexy music and left the room.”
by Incrediboyman December 07, 2018

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A Chicken Restrictor is is a man or woman who intentionally stops a buddy from hooking up with somebody, see also cock block,
Jake: I was getting somwhere with that fit bird last night and Andy came over and shot me down for no reason, so she lost interest. He's a fucking Chicken Restrictor!
by Craggnarr October 19, 2017

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One whose job it is to hold back the flood of unpleasant history which may bring judgement upon his people. This person often has his fingers planted firmly within the dike to avoid utter catastrophe.
You know Dylan R. said he wanted to start a race war, but the dikeboy media said he was mentally ill and didn't mention anything about racism.
When I asked your so-called teacher why John Steinbeck only wrote about white farmers in the 'Grapes of Wrath' and ignored the black , Mexican, and Japanese farmers, that dikeboy punted like a mofo.
You see the dykeboys never say why they are so angry? Nope, they don't want to talk about that.
Line up with all the rest of the dykeboys and deny everything!
Remember when I grabbed the microphone and 'reminded' the council they still collect money from people who were wrongly convicted? Dykeboys got nervous and wet!
by BellyGoat May 05, 2018

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Femine version of cock-blocking. A female ruining the chance for another female to score sexually.
I was making a strong connection with Bob at the bar when Gina tried to pussy punt me.
by Bolligal February 02, 2017

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When your inebriated friend inadvertently smothers any chance you had at getting laid tonight, as if he was Jon Snow protecting the Wall
I was gonna bang that chick tonight until you crowblocked me.
by got123 November 05, 2016

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Someone who comits the act of dickmurder on ones friend relative or enemy and dick murder can hold severe consequences if done to a) wrong individual or b) someone who already doesn't like you
Don't be a dick murderer
by Scotties funny August 04, 2016

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