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The act of dealing with and switching from one clusterfuck to another
I spent the whole day clusternating
by Raben December 12, 2017

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A person with particular skills for resolving a clusterfuck
When the spinnaker got wrapped around the end of the pole, James showed his skills as a Clusterunfucker
by Limbic Candy May 29, 2018

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A jumbled confusing turn of events or situation.
Wow that party turned out to be a real twat salad, last time i go to that place.
by Mtg187 April 01, 2017

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Literally means : Confluence Of Conglamaration Of Circumstances
Cococ: Confluence Of Conglamaration Of Circumstances
by LaGen December 02, 2018

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1). In tennis, whenever a player misses an otherwise easy or effortless shot due to their own inattentiveness rather than the opposing player's skill.

2.) In politics, a polite term for when someone ends up creating their own scandal through poor or tactless decision making.
1.) Bobby Sands failing to make that save at Wimbledon was an unforced error.

2.) Donald's Trump's statement about Mexican migrants "bringing in drugs" and being "rapists" during the 2016 campaign was an unforced error that cast a cloud over his entire presidency.
by garcalej June 01, 2018

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n. term used to describe a twisted mess; usually revolting or otherwise something one would want to avoid.
How was your friend's band last night?
It was a complete torkel. The guitarist decided to destroy the drum kit because the drummer was 1/16 off. Everybody left.
by anon122333 November 01, 2017

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So many clusterf*&#s that it has turned into an orgy.
With the network, phone, internet and power issues we have this is now a clusterorgy.
by travlnbard July 20, 2017

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