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A female clitoris that is buried deep in puffy labial folds and wooly thick pubes.
Even fully engorged, I couldn’t find Rachel’s bogbean. That pussy is fat.
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by Eaton Holgoode June 02, 2018

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Being in the state of having a partially erect clitoris.
It was a Sunday afternoon and his lady wanted to do stuff so he began cunninglingus. However, he sucked at giving her oral favors so the best he could give her was a muffchub.
by tehsnakecharmer June 03, 2017

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The female spot aka clitoris
“DAMN, that girl’s got a nice and big Clifford”
“That Clifford is so soft”
by SweatyJesus December 17, 2017

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A clitoris that’s masked by thick, coarse and matted pubic hair.
I had to root around with my tongue to find her little whisker bean last night.

The aroma of her womanly scent was wafting from her engorged whisker bean.
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by Cravin A. Hindlick July 03, 2019

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