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gabbriellas are kind sweet can have a attitude but are really hot will be your friend and be there for you when you need them rhey are great hugers and are very funny you can joke eith her she is silly laugh a lot

I LOVE MY GABBY :)----------made by christian
the way gabbriella is and her personality
by christian/gabbie May 26, 2018

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He thinks and wants to be cool... But he really isn't.
Christian is very gay
by thegreenfreak December 12, 2018

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She is full of MYSTERY but Heart is made of gold..Shes the nicest person you ever wanna meet , Females mostly name Christian are the Bestest friends you can ever have but dont cross them because their quick to cut you off ..shes mostly a Introvert...very graceful and attractive ..love hard ..very smart and a Godly women ..she makes the best wife & mother someday ...get you a Christian ..she'll stick with you through thick n thin
Christian(Female) -Man having a girlfriend name christian is awesome ..she such a queen
by QuirkyM January 31, 2018

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Someone who has given their life to Christ, lives out their life in line with the Bible and professes their faith to others.

Usually goes to church on a Sunday regularly.

They also tend to be cool.
Sarah: Dan have you not been to PBC?
Dan: No, but I am a Chrizza!
Sarah: oh that's good then!
by Grosvenor 2510 August 13, 2017

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A very sexy, athletican, and funny young man.
That christian is super sexy.
by Jimjimbobby July 03, 2016

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A girl with the most prettiest eyes you've ever seen. Also becoming tired of finding religious related meanings for her name. She is courageous, beautiful and very friendly. Everyone wants to be her friend.
Megan: She's so nice, what's her name?

Kaylie: Oh, that's Christian, isn't she pretty!
by Cpow52 March 25, 2017

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A guy who nails your Christian girlfriend when you're away
"Matt is such a crucifictor"
by Autmcdream December 22, 2018

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