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One who has a chode and can not get an erection
Don't be mean he has a limp chode
by The_dick_lover March 16, 2017

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A penis that is wider than long
Matthew I cannot fit your cock in my hand as it is a chode. Or/And Mandra could not have penetrative sex with Matthew due to his chode.
by FTGEDJDF April 27, 2017

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Describing a person who is oblivious and optimistic about the most mediocre circumstances.
Coworker: "Boy, I'm fired up about cranking out this paperwork today! Can we just get this day started already?!"

Me: "It's unreal how chodie you are."
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by Chodie Garner August 14, 2017

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an annoying asshole
God, Nathan Miller is such a chode.
by changle December 29, 2016

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The Opposite of a Chode: long but really skinny penis. Is used mainly as an insult.
"Tommy I can't believe you ate all my Red velvet Oreos! You Chiggiler!"
by NOIDONTMOM March 24, 2017

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the baldest motherfucker i have ever met and has the smallest dick known to man kind and he has no life
man fuck that god damn cline 9 that stupid nigger
by longdong666 May 28, 2018

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A chode that is seen from miles away and is comparable in size to a blue whale. Terrifying to look at and makes babies cry.
Holy hell look at that Frank Wadewitz
by gangang August 12, 2018

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