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Supposedly dating back to the prehistoric ages, Willie Boyd has roamed the streets of Enniskillen. As an eyewitness to every major historical event in human history, Willie Boyd places at number two on the United Nations watchlist. He loves to chat to young boys as a distraction while he identifies which bus they're getting onto and where they live. Willie routinely goes on adventures with his hat, Gary, where they fight crime and serve their own brand of vigilante justice. Often referred to as "the reincarnation of Jesus Christ", young Willie has become a worldwide sensation after videos of him turning his urine into whiskey leaked online. His plans for the coming year are to eat the world's biggest pancake, to climb the Taj Mahal and to build a nuke out of his semen. Willie enjoys spending his downtime relaxing with his 14 wives and eating raw chicken.
Willie Boyd touched me yesterday, outside the bus depot
by 47°C April 07, 2017

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Used as slang to mean that you gave someone chlamydia or to explain that you have chlamydia. It is usually associated with an nsa hookup whereby the person that is 'clapped up' didn't realise the person they slept with had chlamydia.
I was clapped up in the supermarket carpark by Jeffrey. I didn't realise...
by YoDontBeThatGirl October 11, 2016

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