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dalao (大佬), widely used in the Chinese online community (especially tech and gaming), means a person of great power, ability and/or wealth. It is generally used as a term of admiration.
Wait, you've bought another house, dalao!
by correctstaplebatteryhorse February 01, 2017

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word to describe teenager with specs

country of origin Scotland (Barra)/China
God that Ross Nic boi is one of those The Chinks
by roosybhoy196788 February 05, 2018

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A Chinese guy who looks transgender but has a really nice voice (very nice) and plays minecraft for fun,, hobbies include; gaming and drawing and -irl- minecraft,, hates the outdoors and people,, a Pisces and a really cute person.
I'm going to play mc with BoFan, dudes!! Wish me good luck~
by bofan's gf June 30, 2018

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The Chinese scam is a really convincing scam sent by email, only its written in Chinese and you can't read it.
My inbox is full of Chinese scams.
via giphy
by Dysklyver November 27, 2017

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Its a sex act when you put you're nuts inside a woman's asshole and start spinning like a helicopter
"Hey Greg did you try the Chinese helicopter on you're girl last night?"
"Yes I did bro it was awesome"
by SupBro787 November 17, 2017

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a mixture between asain indian and chinese
is she shinyin, asain, indian, or chinese?
by shinyin April 07, 2017

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A Chinese boy that likes to play games and play with his friends. He is impatient but also very tall. He typically wears glasses
Look at that guy he is such a foungtsi.
by Mqwer September 04, 2017

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