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Adjective- When you're down to earth, chill, cool, have everything together, hip
Tony: You going to the party tonight?
Pete: Nah, Im skipping the party to go smoke a blunt with my uncle
Tony: Thats groun

Dave: Check out my new hybrid

Steve: Thats lame
Dave: Nah thats groun

Joe: That kids such a nerd. He plays the saxophone

Jim: Shut up. You're the nerd. He's groun.
by Agresdoni December 24, 2016
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Cool and laid back
Colin Campbell is a laid back human being
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by Stevie Maguire December 14, 2016
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Being chill and at peace with yourself and who you are.
I like to recharge in my room after a long day out, soaking up my favorite tunes and doing some self chill.
by JonnyAppleSemenation January 23, 2018
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to just chill or relax
"nah, just mack"
by gan gan January 22, 2017
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A boy who is ok looking but can pull girls anytime he wants due to his ability to use his charm on females. Normally a chill person all around
Breezy is so cool.
Everytime I talk to Breezy I get in my feelings.
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by Zapolodemaca March 14, 2017
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awsome guy chill and will take you where you want to go.
veeny is a chill guy
by vyhukhol January 18, 2018
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The chillist person in the room, at a party or who can calm things down without trying.
Yo man, this guy is the chill chief.
by Megastar8 December 15, 2016
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