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(Noun) - The “cheese” stored inside the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis.
I spread his foreskin cheese on my bagel, it was delicious.
by Yourmommyathotty March 12, 2019

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Another word for cheese stick.
"Yo, Danny, gimmie my cheeter-chotter back."
by Muffler man May 29, 2019

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A pretty friendly normal guy. At least that's what he wants you to think. In actuality is a rat pretending to be a human. Common signs of being a Viki includes; eating tons of cheese, not sleeping, skipping school for cheese purposes, playing CS:GO.
Friend 1: Dude do you have any cheese on you?
Friend 2: Fuck dude you're such a Viki.
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by datatroller November 05, 2018

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a fat piece of shit.
damn that dude use to be small now hes eddie lacy
by SRIRACHA YOUR MOMMA March 14, 2017

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In some villages the word "corille" means cheese. It is not known if it is a specific cheese. In American terms it is considered Colby jack. Often used in lasagna and other cheesy dishes!
Wow! That lasagna sure was corille!
by Dr.google April 18, 2018

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Also known as the “CHEESE MAN”, if your a mozarella man, you get all the hoes and they’re usually the funniest person in their friend group. #Cheese
Mozarella Man: Cheese
Kyle: Cheese
by Mozarella Man May 09, 2019

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A disease contracted by weirdos who only eat certain cheeses at certain times of the year
OMG, Emma you've caught cheeson , have some halloumi whilst building your snowman.
by k;hrgoaihwrgiu563 September 07, 2018

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