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The study of memes, how they work, and their impact on the human/animal population.
Person 1 : "Bro, I just got my degree in memeology"
Person 2 : "Wow, I didn't know that was a course."
Person 1 : "How could you, YOU F****** DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN/ANIMAL RACE!!!!"
Person 3 : "I LIKE CHEESE!"
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by litterthanu June 09, 2017
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the greatest stuffs in life and i want it so bad
i love cheesy macaroni

#tastes majestic
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by YOURMOM1177 January 10, 2017
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One who likes to look up their name in urbandictionary
Man Joseph
by A guy who likes cheese December 04, 2017
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a fat piece of shit.
damn that dude use to be small now hes eddie lacy
by SRIRACHA YOUR MOMMA March 14, 2017
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A term for cutting the wrists.
Can also be used as "Dicing your cheese"
I've resorted to the ol' diced cheese.
by The Real Phantasm December 09, 2017
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1. Light roofed public structure in which gourmet cheeses are often consumed.

2. Term of endearment for an individual who has been helpful, particularly in an eccentric or unasked-for manner.
Now darling let's head over to the cheese pavilion, I hear they've some extra matured Blue Wensleydale there that's absolutely to die for!

Thank you William for so enthusiastically reciting the Zimbabwean national anthem thrice over to us all, you're a real cheese pavilion (who can stop now)
by Charlemagne1993 February 23, 2017
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a type of cheese used in Greek cooking
hey, do you want Fede cheese on your gyro?

Yes please! Fede cheese is an intelligent and witty kind of cheese. The kind of cheese that's always there but isn't clingy like Rigotta >:( You can always rely on Fede cheese.
by teapotsarenice August 24, 2016
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