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The standard response to "Cheers!"

Pronounced as: "Al-ee-ohpe"

First usage emerged in Western United States and has now been observed being used in New York and Toronto. The usage has no real meaning from an etymology standpoint. However, due to its usage as a response to cheers it could be akin to "have a nice day" or "catch you later." The benefit of the word is it is very flexible in actual meaning while still conveying the levity of cheers without the perceived awkwardness of parroting back the same phrase.
You: "Here's your order."
Person: "Cheers!"
You: "Alright my brother, alliope"
by WalkingWhitmore March 29, 2017

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often an expression used by millennials to express informal gratitude towards others.
eh, cheers buddy!!!!
by kennedy logan January 04, 2018

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