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Like the peach and aubergine (eggplant) emoji, but for old nokia phones, with no emojis. Made up of letters, numbers and symbols.
Sarah: Hey ;)
Ed: 8==D (|)

*Later on*
Sarah: Ed wanted to hook up with me, but Im not going to; he has a nokia phone. Ew
Jill: How do you know? Was he Nokia Sexting?
by filipinocupid.com December 03, 2016

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When you seek up behind someone and grab their ass
I was on the train the other day and somebody gave me a cheeky swifty
by Ric088 August 14, 2017

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The act of full sending in the city of Philadelphia
Aye bro you trying to full sendadelphia tonighy
by vPastrami December 22, 2017

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