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Latin - verb - to roush - Someone who is in a committed relationship and breaks the trust of his or her partner by getting physically or emotionally involved with another person basically cheating. Common forms of roushing include kissing, feeling each other up, vaginal, anal, oral sex and any other contact that involves the lips, hands, and genitals. Emotional roushing invovles forming a close bond with someone of your preferred gender and basically forming a second relationship. This may or may not include physical roushting.
My GF stopped twisting at the top mid BJ and eventually we stopped fucking altogether. I am pretty sure she is roushing my best friend.
by Master blast-her September 30, 2018

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Leaving your female friends for a worthless male
Gabby: Can’t do wine night, I’m going to Liam’s house tonight

Tricia: *sniff* it smells like cheaterage in here
by Brandy7956 May 06, 2018

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She makes up a reason to fight with a man to either go out with friends to party, or get laid by another man and brakes off a relation ship only to start again without cheating on that person.
Friday-its not you, it's me. I don't need to answer you or be accountable for where or with who I'm seeing this weekend. Hall pass. Monday- let's not talk about the fight or where or who I was with this weekend because I still wanna be in a relation shit.
by Personnel September 17, 2018

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It is the metaphorical dice you roll when you are married or dating someone and the odds you face the more you suck off your high school sweetheart. Odds are in your favor If you make it into the house the next morning and lay out on the couch hoping they never noticed you weren’t home all night.
Oh my god, I sucked his cock again last night. I wonder how many paradise rolls I have left .
by Cheating Odds May 28, 2018

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When someone puts cheat codes for Madden on your PS4 system.
That guy Arvolaed our game last night.
by Rockzilla420 July 13, 2019

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