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A lying piece of shit who cheats on his pregnant girlfriend with 3 other woman while she is away at work working 12 hr days and then claims its her fault he cheated on them in the first place because they can't handle the god damned truth about what scum they are! Also he knows not to show his gritty fat assed face near the 3 brothers of the woman he cheated on because he knows he's a dead man.
Arvel better watch his back because No one's gonna do it for him.
by PleaseOffendMe February 21, 2018

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A really hot and cute person you can love, but can break your heart in a moment and she will star gaze with another man and she will cuddle with him and she will cheat on you. You will then feel bad because she cheated on you with a stranger.

Your welcome.
Rosie Mcclain is a cheater.
by Rosie's Ex March 07, 2017

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When a couple back and forth cheats then gets back together.Over and over and get caught in a revenge fuck loop.
Daunte cheated on dane they got back together, then Dane cheated on Daunte. Now there caught in a cheating loop.
by jabel burns March 01, 2018

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A cheating, lying fucker
I just got cheated on by Marcellio! What a douchebag!
by Penelopenis March 17, 2019

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A guy who cheats on his girlfriend with a chick that is far more interesting and wishes he could be with her instead

A liar who dricks bud light all day everyday
Don't believe Daniel Schumaker he is a great liar.

Daniel Schumaker is buying more beer and fighting with his baby mama.
by Gotemcowboy February 03, 2018

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Someone mainly a dude who dates girls or guys a lot. Many people they’ve dated before you. Some times dates multiple people at once which is a Cheater. Christan
Wow he’s such a man hoe.
by Cindsagram March 06, 2019

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usually a cheater. sometimes caring and always down to hit that vape. but mostly a cheater. #hateher
i hate stephanies
by rose ellaine August 12, 2017

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