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To cheat on someone. Like the phrase bite the dust this phrase isn’t really taken literally.
Should I lick the oven with Michael?
by MichelleHays June 07, 2018

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This is when a guy realises you have caught him cheating or telling lies.. he avoids you, your calls and makes everything seem like you are at fault.
He used defence mechanism on all his ex's.
by Mizboss March 21, 2017

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The type of guy that will cheat on you multiple times and blame you when you find out.
Typical Sebastian calling girls over the night his girlfriend goes on a trip
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by Nelly Gettin September 26, 2017

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A whore or a cheat
“Did you hear? Letisha cheated on josh!”
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by Lickmyass123 November 07, 2017

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