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The act of being a chav which makes the chav feel more like a chav
Oi you, yous a cunt-says the chav feeling like a true chavage
by Dmslider January 13, 2018

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A Joey Sussex is a male usually between the ages of 16-25 who lives in the Sussex county of England, probably will be seen wearing a slim fit tracksuit and Nike Huaraches, listens to grime and tries to talk 'street' in an attempt to impress all his other Joey Sussex friends.
Joey Sussex 1: "Come fam lets go Portslade innit"
Joey Sussex 2: "Nah man aint got no p for the bus still..."
Bystander1: "Ergh why are they talking like that ?"
Bystander 2: "Because they're both what you'd call a Joey Sussex!"
by TeeReal May 08, 2018

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Chav someone who lives on benefits, wardrobe from jd and can’t afford real food

Michael: (points to someone wearing a tracksuit, eating rip off wotsits and calling someone on a nokia brick) is he a chav?

Me: yeah.
by G_64 May 31, 2018

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omg people are such todez
noun . onomatopoea. when someone lies on the floor and screams is a todez
via giphy
by todez.kapper-slapper December 02, 2017

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A sketty, scrote from Winsford in Cheshire
A winberg is someone walking round winsford with a speaker blasting jme and skepta while smoking a bifta
by Adam Winberg August 03, 2016

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