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The name for the game we all play when responding with a series of Ks to any message. The unwritten rule being that you never use 3 Ks
**in a group chat**

A: So we decided to do sushi instead, k?
B: k
C: k
D: kk
E: ya
F: kk
G: kkk
B: Jesus, G! What the fuck man?
G: What did I do?
E: You know what you did!
A: Not cool, G... Not. Cool.
G: ???

(In this game of Chikkken, G is the clear loser and will henceforth be teased about it unexpectedly and often)
by Effervescentia April 03, 2017

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2 liters pepsi (generic is ok), 1 large bottle viagra 150ct
Sup dawg, let me axe yall a question, you gots any chat?

No, i did the rest of it last night in the desert in my 1970's camper van wearing nothing but my boxer shorts and wife beater, if you give me all your cash ill get the ingreadiants from dollar tree and cook up another 5th. Can you keep an eye on the place while im gone? Also can i borrow your car? Ill bring it back i promise
by Jacopius January 16, 2018

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To show backside to creep on video chat.
Atiqykv1346: Open Back! Open Back!!
Vghvb: Show 🖕🖕🖕👙👙👙
by Ming Meow December 06, 2018

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