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The opposite of a catfish
She was so much hotter than her photos on tinder. I got dogbirded.
by ABadbooty1 December 14, 2016

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An anglerfish is a being in which uses angles or a (good side) in photographs to attract another being of the opposite sex.
OMG Becky is such an anglerfish
by Findingnemo17 May 31, 2018

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Wakie Slang,

The act of using other people's DPs to be popular.
"I'm scared of catfishes"
"Nah dude, you're scared of meeting a Daddy Jill"
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by justsomebody097667 August 03, 2017

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When one person that is catfishing hooks up with another person that is also catfishing.
Omg Look at rick he is about to get a catfish suprise, susie is actually a dude haha.
by Rich The Fisheman July 22, 2016

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Noun, verb, adjective;

When an individual’s voice sounds better than they look.
I should’ve known that you were a starfish when you wouldn’t describe what you look like.
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by Sh1tfac3d April 15, 2018

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Someone who pretends to be someone else and might even lie about their identity/looks/life
“I think I’m dealing with a catfish”
“You mean a shiki?”
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by H0eee February 05, 2018

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