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Koshka or кошка, means cat in Russian.
"кошка чихает"

"Koshka chikhayet"

"Cat sneezes"
by Samantha KittyCat August 30, 2017

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lazy, loud and weird.
the midnight jumped after a long nap
by jfsfldjfhdlsjfhe November 03, 2018

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A name typically given to a cat. Widely used in the Netherlands, Northern Europe and Scandinavia.
I just bought the cutest cat for my girlfriend and she named him Poekie.
by MarkooPolo March 10, 2017

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A sweet orange tabby cat, he is feisty but loves everybody. He is hyper, cute, and eats A lot.
Come here Chearyo!
by cheary May 19, 2018

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Matthew Jakob Coysh is a cat bully, a kid who bully on Hopes cat just to make himself fell better. He goes for the weak or the ones that are different from him
Matthew: hope your cat looks like a rat and it had a messed-up vocal cords

Hope: Matthew your such a cat bully
by Hopebriellr May 07, 2018

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The most beautiful, funny , smartest , adorable and hottest girl alive. She will make you smile no matter what.
She is a real Catharina
by #Drago1402 February 25, 2017

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Blackmail - Bribery
Emotional Cat Mail - A cat using blackmail to its advantage
by Towlie00 December 08, 2018

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