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A guy who has trouble committing himself to a girl, but when he loves you, you will know one way or the other. He is smart and charming. His main goal is to make someone laugh, he is such a heart warming guy, he will make himself a fool just to make someone laugh. If you ever meet a Carter or know A Carter, then don't miss your chance.
by It's Happend, It's True August 30, 2017

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Everyone pretends to like him, but deep down they know they just feel sorry for him. Simpletons could better him in every way possible, he clearly isn't good enough for anyone or anything. He's an overthinking pig that has nothing better to do but make a Jayson entry on the Urban Dictionary. The reality is, is that, he's a living retard who's head is as dense as concrete.
Person1: "I love you"
(Person1's mind: "lol, jk")

Carter: I'm a legend

Jayson: shut up
by Nocam May 06, 2018

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