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A piece of shit chinese car.
It is unreliable, cheap and horrid.
If you buy a Geely you will be filled with regret.
I drove my geely out of the dealership, now it's worth nothing.
by ExiKerm August 20, 2018

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When some dumbass on his phone hits a duck on the A303 and swerves into the path of an oncoming lorry.
Whats the hold up?

Some dumb shit caused a car crash.
by TigerManGaming February 20, 2019

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The kids way of saying the name of lamboghinis, sometimes other similar cars, like ferraris.
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by PootisMann July 18, 2018

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Fucking stupid ass teacher that thinks she is 20 but she is actually 99, she likes raping kids and she sucks 99 year old mans dick, also there is a boy named Connor that she sucks off every day. Also she licks her fingers a lot.
by rosan sonborn April 19, 2018

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A shitty Chinese car brand, known for being unreliable. Not only are thry ugly, but their build quality is cheap, and they have the worst quality controll known to man.
The "check engine" light should be replaced with a "replace car" light.
I drove my GWM out of the dealership and now it's worth fuckall.
by ExiKerm September 19, 2018

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Sound a car makes
by Creatorofontz June 06, 2017

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Without a doubt the shittiest car known to man.
Lynyrd: Hey is that a Honda Civic?
Skynyrd: Yeah man.
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by DearGodWhy April 09, 2017

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