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The great Penis in the sky!
Wanna go to the CN tower when we visit toronto?
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by pill cosby November 30, 2016

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Anytime a self proclaimed Canadian, makes the will full decision to pack/transport, in a travel device; such as a backpack, purse, or fannypack. One or more of the following items.

1: A black pocket pussy disguised as a flashlight.
2: A rape whistle, engraved with "slender sender".
3: A Walther CP 88 pellet gun.

To his girlfriend's house for protection.
My house was melting so I grabbed my slender sender and went canada-packin.
by Savage Taco March 20, 2019

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A Billingual Democratic country located north to the United States, south of Alaska (Except for Nunavut) and encasing Saint Pierre et Miquelon. It consists of 10 Provinces and three territories, and was founded in 1867 by the Confederation Act.
Canada, as a whole.

Provinces (West To East): British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Qu├ębec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and NF & L

Territories: Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, and as of 1999, Nunavut,
by The Canadian Textbook September 13, 2017

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Direct translation of "beg my pardon" from Canadian to English
"I dun belched; beg my pard."
"Beg my pard for bothering."
by BigRick2008 June 06, 2017

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Cole Harbour is a town in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Sidney crosby was born there.
I went to Cole Harbour and it really smells like weed there
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by kayet902 September 26, 2018

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a term to call someone a Canadian Faggot
he acts like notcomingcurve
by My name is dev May 22, 2018

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The Canadian version of Canada.
Did you hear? Canada finally conquered Canadia!
by dawson the pie October 19, 2016

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