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A game character so unlucky that he dodged bullets, grenades, knife attacks, dog bites, exploding cars, blizzards, rocket attacks, stabbings. Only to die on a fall on a church tower.
Soap, what the kind of name is Soap? How could a muppet pass the Selection?
Soap Mactavish the most awesome character. Rest in Peace.
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by Kay Tutan Tayo November 30, 2018

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When you burn or incinerate a corpse after murdering it.
Named after 2 Task Force 141 members burned by General Shepherd.
Boss: How's the 2 buffoons?
Honcho: We Roached and Ghosted them.
Boss: Good. Here's the booty.
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by Kay Tutan Tayo December 06, 2018

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A shooting game with players, economy, and ranks. People usually throw their controllers and scream "FUCK THIS SHIT" when someone kills them.

You can choose between different maps.
Hey fuck, want to play some call of duty ww2? It should be fucking fun! Don't worry Mrs.Wells isn't going to hand out worksheets i don't think.
by ✔ The Definitioner ✔ November 02, 2018

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A COD that does NOT depict the World War except the campaign. It's still fun af.
"Hey you playing BO4?" Devin asked.

"Naw, I'm sticking to Call of Duty: WWII" Bung replied, as he got a ten man killstreak camping.
by NiggerSlayer42069 May 28, 2019

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A Call of Duty Zombies map which is an abandoned German theater.
Hey I got to round 54 on Kino.
by PoperlichkingGerila April 15, 2019

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